Agenda Now!

Agenda Now! & Lite

Agenda Now! lets you easily create agendas for meetings on-the-go!

We offer a Lite version that lets you quickly get started. Get the Pro version (BEST VALUE) for additional features, or select from “a la carte” In-App Features available.

Items marked “*” are In-App or Pro features. View all options in the app store.

Create your Agenda in 6 Easy Steps:

  • Add Meeting Details
    • Location Name, Website, Phone
    • Subject of Meeting
    • Date and Time
    • Organizer Contact Information
  • Add Logo for Header*
  • Insert Attendees, Roles & Responsibilities if desired – manually or via Contacts*
  • Add topics for meeting and assign Ownership
  • Setup Time to calculate Minutes for each topics or topic end time*
  • Preview, Send via email PDF, Dropbox™* and/or AirPrint™*.

Lite In-app Upgrade Options

  • Pro Bundle – Best Value. Includes all below features except Multi-Page.
  • Letterhead or Logo Image
  • Integration with Contacts & Calendar
  • Expanded Agenda and Topic Descriptions
  • DropBox, AirPrint, Import/Export
  • Remove Ads

Go check out Agenda NOW! Lite or Agenda NOW! Pro in the App Store!

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