Agenda Now! FAQ


“*” indicate Pro or In-App Purchase Options.

  1. Select the “+” button to add an agenda.
    Select the “i” button next to an existing agenda to duplicate an agenda.
  2. Add/Change the Title of your Meeting.
    This field does not show on the Agenda but gets recorded on your calendar* by this name.
  3. Select Calendar* to add the date and time of your meeting, add invitees, etc.
  4. Select Letterhead* to add a letterhead and/or logo to your agenda.
    You will be prompted to select an image from your Photo Album Edit to access your Camera Roll or take a photo with your camera. Images that work best are sized 3:1 width to height to 5:1 width to height. For phones you can try 150px wide by 50px tall or 250px wide by 50px tall. For iPads try 3-4x the size for phones. Adding whitespace or transparency (png files) to the width of the image will enable you to properly edit the desired width/height ratio.

    Here are a few more tools that can help with resizing images:

    Select Options from the main screen to Show Letterhead only or Logo Align Left or Right

  5. Set Organizer, Location, and Meeting Details.
    The fields entered for the Organizer will show on the Preview.
    Move Topics Agenda NowIf you are not uploading a letterhead with business information listed and you want the information printed on the agenda, enter the fields desired. Information entered here will show on the header of the agenda.
  6. Enter Attendees
    Show Attendees can be turned on or off. Add email addresses for automatic agenda emails, for exporting* and sharing. Optionally select from address book*.
  7. Enter Topics, Sub Topics and Assign Them
    Hint: To Rearrange the Topics select “edit” and the icon to the right of the topic and drag it up or down (see image).
  8. Select Options to Finalize the Look of your Agenda.
    You can:
    Agenda Now Options

    • Adjust Font Size and Style* – Default font and size is SFUIText-Regular (iOS System Font) 11pt
    • Show Minutes or Start Time for Topics
    • Show Letterhead, Logo or Both*
    • Add/Remove Border* – Default Border = On
    • List Attendees and email addresses
    • Align Address and Logo* – left, center, right

  9. Preview the Agenda and Share
    – Lite Users select Email PDF
    – In-App and Pro Users select Email PDF, Link Dropbox*, AirPrint™*.

Other Features

Select the “i” at the top of the screen to:

  • Email us support questions or give us feedback
  • Get help using the app or with AirPrint™
  • Rate our App
  • See Version
  • Link your Dropbox Account

“Edit” on the Main Screen allows you to delete an agenda.

Export/Import Feature*
Pocket Agenda Files are saved as a unique file extension type and readable by other Agenda NOW! Users.


Q: My agenda won’t fit all on one page
While we have added multi-page agendas on our feature request list, currently Agenda NOW! is limited to one page. With Pro or Font sizing you can decrease the font size to shrink to fit if needed.

The following options can be omitted and/or adjusted:

  • Options -> Font Size*
  • Options -> Turn off Show Attendees, Email Addresses
  • Remove or change Logo or Letterhead*
  • Remove Additional lines of Business Address Information

Q: I entered my topics but need to change the order
Simply press “Edit” on the Topics Screen and the icon to the right and drag and move them!

Q: Why do I need a letterhead and logo
A logo can also be a simple heading for the Agenda (see the sample agenda) for an example. Simply “duplicate” the sample to use the logo file.

Q: I don’t see options for the AirPrint™* or Link to Dropbox*
If you are a Lite user, you can upgrade to “pro” or purchase link to dropbox as an In-App purchase.


  1. The printer should be configured and working with other applications on your device such as Safari.If AirPrint™ fails, refer to the printer manufacturer and Apple support to resolve the issue.
  2. We support all true WiFi AirPrint&#8482 printers on the same Wi-Fi Network as the device (iPhone®,iPad®,iPod Touch®), that prints from Safari.View Official AirPrint™ printer list from Apple
  3. A complicated network setup is possible, however, is beyond the scope of our support for this app. We recommend working with a local network administrator to setup and assess all networked equipment, the printer, wired and wireless connections, and routes.

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