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Letter NOW! Mobile App

Quickly and Easily create letters, memos, documents and other correspondence on the fly – with Letter NOW!

In just 7 simple steps, you’ll have a professional looking documents that you can share and print right from your iPhone or iPad.

Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, select the personal or business template that fits your needs for:

  • Thank you letters
  • Cover letters
  • Inquiries
  • Congratulations letters
  • Meeting Memos
  • Proposals
  • Bill of Sale
  • Purchase and Rental Agreements
  • Personal Correspondence
  • Letter of Recommendation

To create and send your document simply – Enter, Type with your device or Bluetooth enabled keyboard or dictate. Features marked with “*” are Pro or In-app Purchase Options. Select:

  1. Letterhead* or Logo* – image, Company & name information
  2. Recipient’s Information, Salutation , Date (integrates with contacts & calendar)
  3. Subject and Main Text of the Document
  4. Closing, Signature Image, Name and Title
  5. Additional closing or a p.s.
  6. Preview the Letter
  7. Share it – email, Dropbox*, Export* to other Letter NOW! users or AirPrint*

Once you have a few letters populated, you’ll save time by duplicating similar documents like thank you’s, cover letters, etc. – simply select the “i” button next to the document you’d like to clone and a copy will be made for you to customize.

Other Features include:

  • Unlimited letters and documents
  • Font Style* and Sizing options* – Default Font and Size = SFUIText-Regular (iOS System Font)
  • Add/Remove* border = Default = Border On
  • Professional letter format
  • Justification options* – full, center, left, right – Default = Left
  • Optional in-app purchases
    • UK & International Template*
    • Multipage option
  • Sort letters by date (newest, oldest) or name (A-Z, Z-A)*
  • Import/Export* letters to other Letter NOW! users
  • Upload Signature image (snap a photo)*

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Letter NOW! Lite

While many of the Letter NOW! features are included in our lite version, upgrade to the full version for access to:
Create letters on the go with Agenda NOW! Lite

  • Font style & sizing
  • Option to remove border
  • Justification, Letter Format features
  • Dropbox & Airprint option
  • Document sort feature
  • Ad-free

The following features can also be purchased *A la carte*:

  • Remove ads
  • Font features – style & sizing
  • Dropbox
  • AirPrint
  • Letterhead, Logo
  • Signature image
  • Multipages
  • UK & International Template

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